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NOMMO documentaries are based on the Black experience. All films are available for purchase.

NOMMO Productions    Raising Consciousness Through Film

Enough is Enough On October 12, 1995 Jonny Gammage,
a 31-year-old African-American businessman, churchgoer and volunteer, was pulled over by five white police officers while driving a Jaguar owned by his cousin, Pittsburgh Steeler Ray Seals. During the ensuing struggle Gammage was asphyxiated. There was shock and revulsion in the community, and thousands, both black and white, took to the streets to protest.

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We Are Universal is a documentary film that recounts
the influence of the “Black Is Beautiful” movement on the art of Black
people. Scenes of arts organizations, performances, and lifestyles in
four of the major urban areas for art in the country – Boston, New York,
Chicago and Los Angeles – are interwoven with opinions of Black art
from artists who were themselves major influences on the art [then]
[in the 1970’s], and who now have a place in Black history.

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Didn't We Ramble On? The culmination of ten years research by Dr. Carl Atkins, Didn’t We Ramble On traces the evolution
of the Black marching band from 14th Century West African processions
to present-day bands. The music, the pageantry, and the many uses of current marching bands have been irrefutably traced to centuries-old Yoruba processions by Dr. Atkins and confirmed by noted ethnomusicologists Dr. Eileen Southern and Dr. John Szwed.



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